"The place where God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the worlds deep hunger meet"

Frederick buechner

There are few better ways to be fully human then to serve and do life with those who have otherwise been forgotten. Here are some ways that Common Life partners with organizations in our neighborhood. Come with us, learn from their stories, and make a powerful impact in someone's life. If none of these peek your interest, contact us and we can help direct you to the right spot. (There are so many more)

Adults with Disabilities, Alzheimer Patients: FullLife (LINK: http://www.fulllifecare.org) helps adults of all ages with chronic illnesses, and physical or developmental disabilities. They have a day care facility (all ages) as well as a full time care home (for Alzheimers patients) west of Rainier, off Alaska. They have a range of opportunities to serve the clients. During the week, weekend, with or without your kids, on-site or in a client's home. Currently we are collecting donations so that we can help give them a new craft room. If you are interested in donating or helping organize the room, contact amylchapman@gmail.com

Teens: Not only are youth our future, but they are also full of fresh perspective, idealistic energy, and a desire to be moulded into their best-self. If you are interested in mentoring a teen in South Seattle, contact amylchapman@gmail.com

The Recovering Addict: It's such an easy, but beautiful thing to walk beside someone in recovery. We all have our addictions. What do you go to when you are avoiding the hard things in life? Food, television, friends, books, alcohol, drugs? Some of these are isolating, and the cycle to health is incredibly difficult to do alone. There is a sober living home in the neighborhood that is always looking for mentors. If you are interested in committing just 30 minutes a week, contact amylchapman@gmail.com

Refugees: A new country, new language, new cultural nuances... There are so many organizations in Seattle who help refugees with jobs, housing, and food, but very few in our neighborhood. If you are interested in partnering with an apartment complex nearby, please contact amylchapman@gmail.com