Life Compass, 8 Weeks

Create a vision for your life that takes into account family, spirituality, friendship and career.

Have you taken time to stop and listen to the life vision that is on your heart? Can you sense the longings to know how the Divine is calling you to bring all your individuality, gifts, skills, and passions to bear for the flourishing of all humanity?  If not, we invite you to pause for eight weeks to listen, dig, and discover what you are here on this earth to do and why.  

Life Compass is an eight week experiential discovery process designed to help you clarify your holistic contribution to society. During this course we help bring clarity to your calling by looking at your deep desires, life map, values, and unique personality.  
After completing the Life Compass process, participants use their Personal Vision Statement and LifeMap as a compass and life direction tool to inform future decisions.  Clarifying calling helps individuals be better equipped to decide next steps, and to begin to live a more focused and intentional life. 
Over 15,000 have experienced the benefits of Life Compass.  If you would like to participate in this training, we would love to have you!   The cost is $85 dollars per participant and includes 16 hours of training and a two hour coaching session.  Contact for more details.  

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+ What Past Participants Have Said About Life Compass


  • “Life Compass is jarringly thought provoking and worthy of both the time and mental energy it will demand of you. As an Atheist I can say this is not a religious process. It is in fact a personal growth process that will entrench you in community and friendship for as long as you desire. The end result for me was a deeper understanding of my past self as well as the direction my future self is headed.”
    — Darren


  • “As someone who isn’t prone to exaggeration, I can tell you honestly that my experience with Life Compass was totally incredible. I went into the class a bit skeptical, but kept an open mind. Matt and Amy were able to guide me in understanding how I could turn my talents and skills into tangible purpose. If you’re ready to do some soul-searching and can be honest with yourself, I would recommend Life Compass without hesitation.”
    — Colin


  • “Life Compass reminded me of the community that’s available to me if I just reach for it. Matt and Amy provided a safe space and support for working through past wounds and moving towards a future that’s purpose driven.”
    — Jessica Marie


  • “The time I spent working through Life Compass was an invaluable experience for me, and something that I will always be grateful for. Particularly the in-depth personality analysis taught me a lot about others and myself.”
    — Samuel


  • “In Life Compass I learned things about myself that I had never known before. Instead of fighting against my natural tendencies I found myself embracing them and recognizing them as powerful and purposeful. It wasn’t until I slowed down and took the time to understand myself that I was able to see how everything fit together.”
    — Katherine

Residential Apprenticeship 

For over 12 years we have been shaping people who want to re-orient their life and faith around God and the transformation of their neighborhoods.  Most of our apprentices have come to gain clarity on their unique calling, to discover a deeper way of life, and to explore if this type of intentional living is for them.  

We offer a 1-2 year apprenticeship program that provides direction, training, and leadership development. Participants work through our extensive curriculum offered through our community and through one-on-one coaching. This is all done in the context of intentional community and in urban neighborhood with its cross-section of diverse cultures that opens up our hearts and expands our world.

If you are interested in this program and are above the age of 24, we would love to hear from you.    

+ What Past Apprentices Have Said


  • “If you are ready to rub shoulders with other sojourners who are longing to participate in Kingdom work, this is the place. As a Common Life community member I have identified, developed, and walked into several new pieces of my unique identity while having the support and love of friends who are willing to walk beside me. The intentionality of other community members and leaders has created a safe nesting place to learn and grow.”
    — Katrina Thomas


  • “Where to begin? The apprenticeship was more stretching and more rewarding than I could have imagined. I feel like I learned and grew more in the last year than I have in the last 10 combined. The leadership was really great at drawing out the skills in me I needed to participate in a completely different way of life. There are a lot of books on intentional community out there, but you can really only learn what it’s like to follow Jesus in community by doing it!“
    — Colin Swope


  • “Going through the apprenticeship shifted my paradigm on how I view myself, others, and God. It taught me life skills that I use every day such as the importance of waiting and listening, contending for others, and the value of knowing my true self. Recently, my husband and I, along with some of our closest friends, choose to move back to the neighborhood we lived in during our college years. Thanks to the apprenticeship, we are returning with fresh eyes and the confidence we need to help cultivate a neighborhood faith community.”
    — Betsy Hartman


  • “Just when I thought I had a course set for life, I stumbled upon Matt and Amy and the community they where devoted too. Living alongside that community, the possibilities of God’s kingdom were opened wide. God invited me to join in fresh experiences of leadership and discipleship. I felt full of support from the community and my coach. Now in a more dynamic stage of life, I still hold their support close. I lean on the understanding I gained from the apprenticeship about God’s love for me and the gifts God has given me.”
    — Nick Foran

Regional Cohort  

In Partnership with Thresholds, we offer an 18 month collaborative journey  for those who have just launched or feel called to create a place-based community of faith and reconciliation. Each cohort consists of 10-12 members  who come together to engage, learn, explore, and dream through a series of on-site conversations, workshops, and coaching. This is a great option for those who are tired of exploring alone and want the sustained presence of experienced guides and a learning community to help navigate a way forward.  For more on our cohorts click here.